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Steve Cain President of FTA Board Certified and Court Qualified
Steve Cain is one of less than 10 Board Certified and Court Qualified Experts in Audio and Videotape Analysis.

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About our company. . .

Forensic  Tape Analysis, Inc. offers a wide array of services including videotape enhancement, videotape authentication, still image enhancement, time-lapse videotape testing, recorder testing, audiotape authentication, audiotape enhancement, voice identification, and questioned document examination.

Our experts pride themselves on their long list of satisfied clients from almost every state in the U.S. and several countries overseas including Korea, The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Our company has a strong commitment to the research and development of new technologies and techniques that will aid us in achieving the best possible results. You can be assured when you retain our services that you will be forming a relationship with a well-respected company and an expert who will play an integral role in the outcome of your case.

Our very specialized services are not something that many are familiar with, so feel free to call us for a consultation. We will take the time to explain exactly which service will best benefit you and how it will affect your case specifically.

24 hour/day response available 

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Steve Cain has over 25 years experience in examining audio and video tapes for the U.S. Department of Justice (includes The White House Senate Select Judiciary Committee: Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill. The Senate Investigation Sub-Committee: "China Gate" Investigation) , U.S. Attorneys Office , over 100 public defender offices, F.B.I., S.E.C., D.E.A., Customs, I.R.S., Secret Service, A.T.F., and over 1000 law firms in both criminal and civil cases in the U.S. and overseas.

Sonigraph 5500 the audio analysis standard
Video Lab at Forensic Tape Analysis
occilliscopes, recording and playback equipment
Extensive U.S. and Overseas testimony. Extensive testimony for both defense/prosecution/civil attorneys. Board Certified and Board of Directors Member - American Board of Recording Experts.

For a listing of Steve Cain's TV and News interviews CLICK HERE

Forensic Laboratory
Expert Witness Testimony/Evidence Analysis

Tape Expert Services provides Analysis, Consultation and Expert Testimony for Forensic Tape Analysis

  • Voice Identification/Elimination
  • Audio and Video Tape Enhancement
  • Audio and Videotape Authentication (i.e. Detection of Editing, Falsification, or Tampering with Tape Evidence)
  • Transcript  verification 
  • Expert testimony throughout U.S. and Overseas (Federal and state court qualified throughout U.S.)
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  • Over 400 trials/depositions where testimony provided (30,000 + cases examined)

Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc.

Email: info@tapeexpert.com
Phone: 1-262-348-1313
or 877-292-7514

24 hour/day response available

judical decision that require court a certified expert witness


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